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One Powerful Financial Move for Kids (or Grand-kids)

Turn $500/Year into $500,000! I recently created Roth IRA’s for my kids and put $500 into each account. With a little guidance from me, the kids will each choose to become stock owners of one company. Going forward I will encourage them to save by matching what they contribute to the account and am hopeful […]

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10 Financial Things To Do Before Year End

       There are a lucky 13 days remaining in 2014 it’s not too late to consider at least one of these financially savvy ideas: Taxing matters If you’re paying estimated taxes, now would be a good time to review your payments, especially if you had a big change in income from the prior year, Estimated […]

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Your IRA or 401k Balance is Not all Your’s

Your IRA or 401k is partially yours and partially the property of the IRS. Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t tell you what they get until you make a withdrawal. RETIREMENT PLAN REALITY CHECK IRA Balance               Marginal Tax Rates               Yours       […]

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What does the Fiscal Cliff Deal Mean to Your Income Taxes?

American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 – Updated Fiscal Cliff Deal Calculator The theater (crisis) is over for now and a last-minute agreement was made in Congress.  What is harder  to believe? The 154 page document was given to the Senate 3 minutes prior to their voting on it or that President Obama went on […]

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Take Advantage of Tax-Free Roth IRA

Yes, I am referring to you. My favorite retirement savings vehicle is the Roth IRA and you may be wise to use it. There are 3 ways to fund a Roth IRA. 1. FRONT-DOOR Roth Contribution  – Contribute directly if – Married family income under $173,000 (phased out to $183,000) A Roth IRA is funded […]

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Roth IRA Life Planning Today

Hitting The Control/Alt/Delete Button on a Roth IRA

In an attempt to make the best of a sour economic situation it’s time to take a look at your IRA or Roth IRA and try to make those sour investment losses you may have experienced over the last quarter work for you, rather than against you. If you proactively took the opportunity to take […]

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