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Trump Wins! My Economic View

Donald Trump is our President-Elect and a tidal wave of fiscally conservative change may be in store for our country. As a conservative (the less government intervention the better) , I couldn’t be more excited about the policy changes that have been promised. My economic

Say Goodbye to your Doctor – MUST READ

Chances are your doctor is no longer “in-network” if you have an Individual or Family “Exchange” Health Insurance Plan. Remember President Obama promising “You can keep your doctor“, well he’s not the first politician to blatantly lie to the public to get his bill passed

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Fictitious Balance on Your 401k/IRA Account Statement

Your account balance carries a hidden surrender charge. Millions of working Americans contribute a percentage of their earnings to a 401k account while many also have IRA accounts, most of which were formerly 401k that were rolled over to IRA’s. While some people follow the

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Post 2014 Election Expectations

A majority of voters were not happy with the policies (higher taxes, Obamacare, etc.) of many politicians on the ballot and the results show many new faces in office. Here are some of the my opinions about what this may mean:  Gridlock In Washington –

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Obama Quietly Dissolves Obamacare

Recently, President Obama quietly withdrew the most important element of the Affordable Health Care Act, “The Mandate.” The Mandate that everyone must purchase insurance or face a tax penalty has been postponed for two years. The original goal of the Affordable Care Act was to

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Tax-Free Retirement

 We all know that the U.S. Government is $17 trillion in debt and has made trillions of dollars in Entitlement promises for which it has no money to pay. Forgive me if I don’t trust politicians not to come after my hard earned income and

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2013 Was a Memorable Year

It has been a memorable year and I hope my blog (over 5,000 hits in 2014) has captured some of the moments that impacted our lives and will help us plan for the future. I’ll take this time to re-share my some of my most

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Why Health Insurance is Not “Insurance”

What would happen to the cost of your auto insurance policy if oil changes were paid for entirely by your auto insurance? You wouldn’t pay at the point of service, but rather you would give them a card and they would send your paperwork off

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There is No Government Crisis (4 minute read time)

The only potential “crisis” is that most people are doing just fine with 17% of the government shut down.  God forbid the nation gets by with less government spending.  Like a household after a pay decrease, spending priorities need to be made to make do