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What are Some Measures You Can Take to Protect Against Inflation?

Spring is finally upon us…well almost.  Do you remember your childhood days where the weather was temperate enough that you could walk up to the local drug store (in my case Vallette Rexall Drug) with a dollar in your pocket?  In the late 1970s you were able to purchase at least 4 jumbo candy bars […]

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Your IRA or 401k Balance is Not all Your’s

Your IRA or 401k is partially yours and partially the property of the IRS. Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t tell you what they get until you make a withdrawal. RETIREMENT PLAN REALITY CHECK IRA Balance               Marginal Tax Rates               Yours       […]

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Tax-Free Retirement

 We all know that the U.S. Government is $17 trillion in debt and has made trillions of dollars in Entitlement promises for which it has no money to pay. Forgive me if I don’t trust politicians not to come after my hard earned income and savings with new or higher taxes in the future to […]

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Should a Stock Market Drop Worry You?

  Last week, the stock market had its worst week in quite a while, including a 300 point sell off for the Dow. Is the next “correction“ finally underway for the  market? When people talk to me about “the market,” why is it they usually mean the U.S. large company indexes?  I guess they believe […]

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Two Emotions Kill Your Investment Returns

In 2014, resolve not to “time the market”. “Time in the Market” is one key to long-term investment success. When you look at the chart below you will see just how bad retail (non-professional) investor’s performance is compared to what they could have made had they only been “buy and hold” investors.   THE NUMBERS […]

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Is College Worth it Today? An Alternative Idea

When I went to college ( U. Of  Iowa) the out-of-state cost was around $5,000.  Four years and $20,000 or so later I and was done (thanks again mom and dad for paying). My first salaried job paid me $19,500, or almost the equivalent of what my four-year Big Ten school education cost.  For the […]

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3 Smart Financial Moves I’ve Made

Since day one, my compass for financial advice giving has been sharply focused and easy to read. When making recommendations for a client, I consider what would I do in their situation. If it was an older client, I would ask; “what would I do if those were my parents?” Therefore, it should come as […]

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Can You Afford College & Retirement?

I believe most people in our area under the age of 60 are completely unprepared ( although most people aren’t aware of this) to maintain their lifestyle without their current income.  What do you think?  Not saving enough, starting too late and a lavish lifestyle (compared to our parents) are three major reasons you may […]

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A Million Dollars Doesn’t Go as Far as it Used to

As a kid, I dreamed of being “a millionaire”.  I figured I would be a professional athlete and make $100,000 per year, buy a mansion for my family to live in and be famous.  Back then, (early 1970′s) it was a BIG DEAL to earn $100k in a year.  Pete Rose, the all-time baseball hit […]

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Panic? – Stocks and Bonds Falling in Harmony

I got a call from a panicking client last week regarding the drop in his account value.  I told him bond prices have been headed down. “What about stocks”? he asked.  Whoops, I thought when stocks went down, bonds were supposed to go up in value to offset the stock loss.  Lately, that has not […]

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