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Super Strong Dollar Not Good for Foreign Investments

Many investors have a slice of their investments in international stock mutual funds. That is part of a diversified plan. True diversification is built by owning assets that move in different directions. We tend to not focus on the why’s, but rather look at the bottom line, “did I make money?” Don’t react to short-term […]

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Video From 60 Minutes – An Imperfect Union: Europe’s Debt Crisis

I recommend taking a few minutes to watch/listen to this 60 Minutes piece to gain a good understanding of what is going on in Europe and why. Share freely with friends so they can be made aware. FFG Menu of Financial Planning Services

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The Drachma is Dead: So Is the Welfare State

By Brian S. Wesbury, First Trust Advisors There is a simple rule in monetary economics, which many seem to have forgotten. A weak currency cannot replace a strong currency. In other words, the existence of the euro will force the countries of Europe to confront budgetary problems fiscally, not monetarily. No wonder governments are collapsing across the continent. […]

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