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Mini Van Beats Jet for Family Time

Last week our family embarked on yet another Spring Break vacation.  We packed our luggage (mainly beach wear) and five bodies into our 2004 Toyota Sienna (154,000 miles and counting) for a long drive. This year’s last minute idea was to go to Naples and then Marco Island.  Sunshine and warm weather was only 1,360 […]

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Paying off Your Monthly Credit Card Balance Could be a Sign of Overspending

Sure, the upcoming will election results will have some impact on your financial future, but nowhere near as much as the everyday spending/saving decisions you make. By now, you have probably concluded that you cannot count on investment returns to propel you to sudden wealth or even a financially secure future.  It’s a shame that […]

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5 Tricks to Save on Halloween Treats and Costumes…may turn into your Treat!!!

5 Tricks to Save on Halloween Treats and Costumes Don’t let the cost of this year’s Halloween celebration scare you. Find out how to make costumes on the cheap and save a bundle on candy. Halloween is fun for both kids and adults. But with costumes, candy, and decorations to buy, the price for your […]

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Head in the Sand? Are You Happy With Where You Are Financially?

You are where you are today because of the decisions you have made in your life. We usually get what we deserve in life.  When it comes to money, how you handle your monthly cash flow is the single most important factor in your financial success or failure.  As a financial planner, my idea of […]

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10 Ways Budgeting Saved My Marriage

I have been preaching to anyone that would listen that managing your monthly marital cash flow is not only the key to financial success, but also one of the keys to a happy marriage.  Over the past fifteen years, I’ve helped develop financial plans for over 100 couples and less than 5 have divorced while […]

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