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Shut Up and Take My Money

Those of you that know me, know that every year I take my family on vacation, usually to a warm beach in Mexico over Christmas break. This year we decided against it and the reason was that my three spoiled teenage kids don’t seem to appreciate it. Did I mention “spoiled kids”? Ungrateful, also comes […]

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Spoiling Kids Could Make Them Rotten and you Poor

Kids have always been sponges when it comes to learning from their parents. As an adult, I can reflect on what I learned from my mom and dad. I admit (and am proud of) that I’m a lot like they were/are.  Unfortunately, I’ve spoiled my kids more than I should have and am paying the […]

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Best Summary Ever – of Current U.S. Finances

It is hard for us to understand what all the government spending figures are all about as we can’t relate to the billions or trillions of dollars (too many zero’s to comprehend) that are written and talked about.  Take a look at the simple breakout below and I think you will come to understand why […]

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