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Does the American Dream Make Cents?

The American Dream has evolved over time from the right to liberty and pursuit of happiness to the ownership of material items, one of them being a home to call your very own. However, after paying a recent property tax bill for my home, I don’t know if this is a dream I want to be living! […]

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Why I Prefer Stocks to Bonds

For the past 30 years, interest rates have been moving down and bond prices have been going up.  Now, interest rates are at a level when the best case is they “stay flat” as there is not much room to go any lower. With the low-interest rates that bonds offer these days the return proposition […]

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HARP Mortgage Refinancing Program Might Be Great for You

Commencing on November 15, 2011 FHFA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac introduced major changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). In an effort to attract more eligible borrowers who can benefit from refinancing their home mortgage. This program is a major effort to assist homeowners to refinance to historic low mortgage rates EVEN WHEN […]

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Refinancing; Is a 15 or 30 Year Term the Best Option for You?

WEIGHING THE PROS AND CONS OF A SHORTER TERM LOAN Lending rates are at a 60 year low and many homeowners are taking advantage of the one bright light in this tough economy. However one somewhat surprising trend that has evolved is that many borrowers are applying for 15 year refinancing loans versus the conventional […]

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