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When Should Your Kids Start Planning?

Q. When Should Your Kids Start Their Financial Planning?  A. As soon as they have a job.   WHEN DID YOU START SERIOUSLY PLANNING AND SAVING? Please share when you started in the reply area below article. One of the biggest regrets many of my new clients share with me is that they wish they […]

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A Million Dollars Doesn’t Go as Far as it Used to

As a kid, I dreamed of being “a millionaire”.  I figured I would be a professional athlete and make $100,000 per year, buy a mansion for my family to live in and be famous.  Back then, (early 1970’s) it was a BIG DEAL to earn $100k in a year.  Pete Rose, the all-time baseball hit […]

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Panic? – Stocks and Bonds Falling in Harmony

I got a call from a panicking client last week regarding the drop in his account value.  I told him bond prices have been headed down. “What about stocks”? he asked.  Whoops, I thought when stocks went down, bonds were supposed to go up in value to offset the stock loss.  Lately, that has not […]

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Bond Prices at Nose-Bleed Levels – Public Jumps in With Both Feet

Investors continued to pour money into stocks last week, but piled even more cash into bonds, as exchange-traded funds made up of bonds saw their biggest weekly fund inflow on record. Even as the stock market rallied, taxable bond ETFs drew in a one-week record of $4.49 billion, led by an all-time high weekly take […]

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Take Advantage of Tax-Free Roth IRA

Yes, I am referring to you. My favorite retirement savings vehicle is the Roth IRA and you may be wise to use it. There are 3 ways to fund a Roth IRA. 1. FRONT-DOOR Roth Contribution  – Contribute directly if – Married family income under $173,000 (phased out to $183,000) A Roth IRA is funded […]

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Post Election Economic and Investment Outlook

Well the first several days after the election has seen the stock market drop by five percent, leaving those that follow our nation’s fiscal situation feeling uneasy.  I feel the same way as I have been yelling from the tallest tower (or at least my weekly blog) that our government spending is out of control […]

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Investment & Economic Outlook

Better Safe than Sorry In light of all that is going on in the world, I thought this would be a very good time to share my investment and economic lookout for the near future. I am currently more defensive minded than usual and have made sure that my client portfolios reflect that (most portfolios […]

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