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Why HSA’s go Hand in Hand with Obamacare and Retirement

I’ve written about Health Savings Accounts (HSA) in the past (Are You Missing Out? – 23,000 Reasons I Love My Health Savings Account (HSA)) as being one of my favorite and most important accounts in my financial plan. With the high deductible, “Bronze” option being the most affordable choice under Obamacare, HSA’s have grown in […]

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60. The minutes in an hour, the year JFK was elected as president, the millions Joakim Noah is paid in his 5 year contract with the Chicago Bulls, and the percent of Americans who have admitted to not having a personal financial budget (NFCC survey). Oddly enough, 100 million U.S. adults have also admitted that not having […]

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How to Avoid Three Common Insurance Mistakes

Insurance is one of those areas where even financially bright people often make poor decisions. I think the media is partially at fault and the resources people use for guidance might not be very helpful. Keep in mind that what is prudent for many (the median family income is about $50k) people is not necessarily prudent […]

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Why Retirees Would Want Life Insurance

If you have a desire to leave money for your spouse or kids, life insurance is the best asset to leave them.  Notice I said “asset,” not  “investment.” At death, don’t investments morph into just another asset? I think so and I try to convey this to my clients. Life insurance is not an investment, […]

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The morning after: 3 things you should do in the face of a natural disaster

The morning after: 3 things you should do in the face of a natural disaster Millions of homeowners in the Northeast woke up today and confronted the specter of flooded structures, fallen trees and other serious property damage. Last year’s Hurricane Irene clocked in as the fifth most expensive hurricane in history, with $19 billion […]

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How I Saved Big $ on my Home Insurance (Read Time 2 Min.)

It pays to review your homeowners insurance policy. Insurance is part of everybody’s financial plan.  I recently received a bill for my Allstate homeowner’s insurance for $1,734.  I pay this premium annually and don’t usually think twice about it as I drop the check in the mail.  This time, I decided to call Allstate and […]

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