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The Real State of the Union

My Rebuttal: While President Obama touts about the 5.6% unemployment in December as another sign of a “recovery” generated by his economic policies, he fails to mention a record 92.9 million Americans are no longer in the labor force, as the labor participation rate hit

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60. The minutes in an hour, the year JFK was elected as president, the millions Joakim Noah is paid in his 5 year contract with the Chicago Bulls, and the percent of Americans who have admitted to not having a personal financial budget (NFCC survey). Oddly enough,

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Tax Time!!!

Its tax time!!!  Almost as exciting as cleaning out your sock drawer, it’s time to start planning for any year end strategies that will minimize your 2011 tax bill. The ultimate goal: take actions in the next several weeks that will cement money saving deductions

Who Pays Income Tax and How Much?

October 15th is the day that quarterly tax payments are due for those that file estimated income tax so it seems fitting to comment on the latest tax news. Warren Buffett has made news suggesting tax rates are not high enough. One of the richest men