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“Return on Life”

We have all heard the phrase “return on investment” and that is measurable, but have you ever considered what your “return on life” (ROL) was in the past year? I recently read a blog discussing the “Return on Life” concept and describing the 6 core values a GOOD financial planner provides. It referenced an industry […]

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Winning in 2015

I thought you may be interested to know how a 25-year financial planning expert goes about planning for financial success in the New Year. I’d like to think I live a balanced lifestyle, enjoying life today while saving for an uncertain tomorrow. My peace of mind starts with a detailed analysis of where I am […]

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Money vs. Memories: The Cost of Being Too Frugal

Being frugal all the time can cost you plenty in the form of memories. Life is too short to not splurge a little for memorable experiences, even if it means being less frugal and paying extra for special activities or events. There are 365 days in the year. Out of all those days, how many […]

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The Red, White & Best Blogs of 2014

Can you believe it is already July?! We are half way through 2014 and as the holiday weekend rolls in, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the five most popular blogs so far this year.  Interestingly, most of the top five have nothing to do with investing or retirement planning. It makes […]

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Live Like You Were Dying

Lately, there have been a convergence of reminders for me that life on earth is brief and that I should quit going through the motions of life and live it to the fullest while I am still able. Recently, I watched a terrific ESPN short movie (30 for 30) story about the 1983 North Carolina […]

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Another Silver Lining to Investing in an IRA

This is the time of year you will hear much about IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) This is because an IRA contribution is the last tax deduction you can still create for your 2012 tax return to make a pretax IRA contribution (provided that you not eligible for another form of retirement saving, ect 401k defined benefit […]

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How to Save Money While Getting Healthy

Earlier this month, I was reminded by a sports nutritionist how horrible soda is for your body and how critical water is to living a healthy life.  The nutritionist mentioned that a lack of the ability to focus is a common symptom of dehydration and adversely affects kids at school and adults during their daily […]

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What is Your Retirement Number? – Why It’s Going Up…

This catchy marketing phrase coined by ING has taken an interesting and horrible new twist for current retiree’s trying to live off the interest generated from bonds and other fixed interest investments.  Unfortunately, “your number” is a moving target based on several key variables, some of which you cannot control. We can control our spending, […]

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5 Big Financial Planning Mistakes – COST YOU A BUNDLE

Avoiding life’s big financial planning mistakes is not hard if you plan well. Financial planning, however, takes a backseat to day-to-day living for many people and this is where the potential problems creep in. Here is a list of five key planning issues that everyone should address: 1.     Not Enough Liquid Savings Having plenty […]

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Three Ways to Make Your Life Better Starting Today

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but what can? As I vacation in Marco Island with my family, I am reminded the answer is love and great relationships.  Often we act as if relationships are something to be squeezed into our schedule. We talk about finding time for our children and making time for people in our […]

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