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5 Tricks to Save on Halloween Treats and Costumes…may turn into your Treat!!!

5 Tricks to Save on Halloween Treats and Costumes Don’t let the cost of this year’s Halloween celebration scare you. Find out how to make costumes on the cheap and save a bundle on candy. Halloween is fun for both kids and adults. But with costumes, candy, and decorations to buy, the price for your […]

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Best and Worst October Buys

October is a strange month for shopping, since we’re now within a stone’s throw of the biggest shopping event of the year: Black Friday. You might want to put off most purchases until the attention-grabbing deals start flowing in next month. But now that you have finally filed your extended tax return and are anticipating […]

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Are You Missing Out? – 23,000 Reasons I Love My Health Savings Account (HSA)

Are You Missing Out? I have saved $23,000 and counting thanks to a great option I have taken advantage of with my medical insurance! In 2003,  individuals, families, employers and employees were allowed to make tax deductible contributions into a special account known as a Health Savings Account (HSA).  In order to be eligible for […]

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Life Lessons

We are learning, never quite fast enough, that the time and date of our own death is unknown, but it could be tomorrow, or next week, or next year.  Knowing this, and fully recognizing its truth, can help you overcome complacency about doing many things that you have probably already put off too long. We […]

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Serious about getting financially fit for 2012???

Serious about getting financially fit in 2012? Initially get rid of any hazy promises. Sit down and make a list about exactly what you want to achieve. Designate something you can do each month, starting with your intended spending habits in each month to get your budget and savings plan on track. Here’s how you […]

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