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Fictitious Balance on Your 401k/IRA Account Statement

Your account balance carries a hidden surrender charge. Millions of working Americans contribute a percentage of their earnings to a 401k account while many also have IRA accounts, most of which were formerly 401k that were rolled over to IRA’s. While some people follow the daily moves of their account balances, other wait patiently for […]

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DOW nears 17,000; Where’s the Euphoria?

As the Dow nears hitting 17,000 after dropping to 6,626 back on March 2, 2009, you would think there would be mass euphoria and an upbeat feeling among you and your peers. Surprisingly, I don’t see or feel it. But, why is that? Shouldn’t everyone be feeling fantastic about their financial situation with such an incredible […]

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Your IRA or 401k Balance is Not all Your’s

Your IRA or 401k is partially yours and partially the property of the IRS. Unfortunately, the IRS doesn’t tell you what they get until you make a withdrawal. RETIREMENT PLAN REALITY CHECK IRA Balance               Marginal Tax Rates               Yours       […]

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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Retirement

Good planning can make life easy on retirees.  Unfortunately, many people wait longer than they should to start planning.  If you are wondering where to start or what you should review read about these three key mistakes that you should want to avoid: 1. Investing only in bonds or CD’s to generate income. This mistake […]

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Another Silver Lining to Investing in an IRA

This is the time of year you will hear much about IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) This is because an IRA contribution is the last tax deduction you can still create for your 2012 tax return to make a pretax IRA contribution (provided that you not eligible for another form of retirement saving, ect 401k defined benefit […]

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Dow Hits All-Time Record – Looking Backward and Forward

  The Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) closed just above its peak 5 ½ years ago, but as you will see below much has changed over that time. The Last Time The Dow Was Here (Oct. 2007) vs. Today: Dow Jones Industrial Average: Then 14164.5; Now 14253 Regular Gas Price: Then $2.75; Now $3.73 GDP […]

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Entrepreneur’s Max Out Retirement Contribution (up to $55k/year) READ TIME: 3 Minutes

 I set up my financial planning practice in Glen Ellyn back in 1996, one of my first concerns was how I would save for retirement as an entrepreneur.   At the time, the best plan for me was a SEP IRA which allowed me to set aside 25% of my “net” income.  Several years ago a […]

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