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Are You Tossing Out Perfectly Good Money???

 EIGHT TIPS TO PROTECTING YOUR CASH Dining out. On average, Americans eat out approximately every third day, which can truly add up.   Even if you drink water and take home half the meal, the cost per person is significantly higher than cooking at home. Cut back on

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Scary Savings for Fright Night

  Frightening as it may sound, Americans can spend more than $50 for a Halloween get up for your youngster.   Fortunately there are some ways that parents can stay far below the $50 mark and still ensure their kids have a boo-tiful night… 1. Shop temporary stores vs. year-round

Who Pays Income Tax and How Much?

October 15th is the day that quarterly tax payments are due for those that file estimated income tax so it seems fitting to comment on the latest tax news. Warren Buffett has made news suggesting tax rates are not high enough. One of the richest men

How Risky (volatile) is Your Bond Investment?

Bond prices go up and down every day just like stock prices, but for different reasons. It is important to understand that bond prices move inversely to interest rates.  In other words, if interest rates go up on bonds or bond funds like the one