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Presidental Debate

Presidential Talk: Does it Really Matter?

All the time spent watching news regarding the presidential candidates is a waste.  The pre-primary debates and talk may influence your vote in the primary, but probably not on election day as you will likely vote for whoever represents your party.  I compare the time

crude oil graph

New Year’s Big Sale – Stocks and Oil

The U.S. stock market at this early point in the year is down (biggest Jan. sale ever?) more than any other year in history. What does that mean to you? Opportunity – what a great sale! I never thought I would be able to buy


Big Debt on Campus

Watching the movie The Big Short this week made many viewers wonder… Why didn’t more people know about what was going on? And are there other lingering issues in our money based society that we should be concerned about? Of course our national debt in excess of


Say Goodbye to your Doctor – MUST READ

Chances are your doctor is no longer “in-network” if you have an Individual or Family “Exchange” Health Insurance Plan. Remember President Obama promising “You can keep your doctor“, well he’s not the first politician to blatantly lie to the public to get his bill passed


Protect Yourself Against Uninsured Drivers!

An old college friend of mine (that happens to be an attorney) recently brought this to my attention: The Importance of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Trust me on this. You need at least $250,000 in Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage.  Ideally, you have $1,000,000


Remember When?

How do you create a “Remember When” experience? With Thanksgiving right around the corner it reminds me how significant great memories are to our lives.  How do you know if or when you’ve created one of those “remember when…..” moments? The formula can be totally


More to Life Than Walking?

What should I do with all the new free time in my life? My three kids are now all in high school and as you might imagine they are no longer that excited about spending time with dad.  Getting them to do something is like