How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Healthcare with Medi-Share

Medi-Share Healthcare

In 2017, I saved about $10,000 on my healthcare. Let me explain how you can save on big on your healthcare too.

My family of five (three teenagers, my wife and I) had our medical insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) for about 10 years. Like many people, we have seen our premiums go up year after year and the only thing we could do was to continue to raise our deductible to minimize the premium increase.

About this time last year I received our premium renewal/increase letter and the increase to over $1,100 per month blew me away! We have a healthy family, knock on wood, and BCBS wanted me to pay over $13,000 in premiums and the first $10,000 in claims to meet our deductible before they pay out any money!

This was nuts and drove me to look for alternatives.

I did some research and came across an organization called Medi-Share.  Medi-Share is a Christian based not-for-profit healthcare organization. They seemed very focused on helping people with their care and they actually share where your premium dollars are spent, that is who’s care (medical bills) was your money used to help. Being a not-for-profit, biblical based organization their members are Christians and encourage members to pray for one another if they are sick.

From a healthcare perspective my biggest concern were?
  1. What kind of doctor network did they offer?
  2. How much money was I going to save if I changed?
  3. Does it meet the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) requirements?

The doctor network is fantastic. As a matter of fact their Dr. network  is PHCS Muli-Plan (formerly Private Healthcare Systems), one of the most comprehensive networks anywhere.


Once I saw that, I decided to get my cost quote and then I was really amazed. The monthly contribution for my family of five was about $300 per month.

This would save me over $800/month or $10,000 per year! 

I thought this was too good to be true, but after talking with their customer service team I signed up my family them.  Making sure it was as good as advertised, I am ready to spread the word about this terrific healthcare option.  My family has had several claims while covered by the plan and all of our doctors were in the network. We received our PPO discounted costs each time. Like my old BCBS plan, I have to pay those bills until I reach my deductible. If I were to reach my deductible 100% coverage by the plan in my network.  For our family the coverage is virtually the same as we had with BCBS and we came out $10,000 ahead this year and should again in 2018 as well. Finally, it does meet the Obamacare coverage mandate too.

I also took advantage of a tele-medicine feature that allowed me to schedule an appointment in real-time online with a doctor at NO CHARGE.

When I researched the plan, they said they had about 200,000 subscribers nationwide. Recently, I heard an ad on the radio saying they had 250,000 so they are growing.

To request more information go this Medi-Share information link .


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