1. Hi Brad. We have a high deductible (10K) and fully fund our HSA each year (6750). I have another savings account (not tax advantaged) that I put in an additional 3250 each year to make sure I always have 10K cash on hand. We have always used the HSA to pay for out of pocket expenses. Are you suggesting that we should instead pay all medical costs from other sources and leave the HSA alone to grow?
    I like this idea in theory, but we have met our deductible the last couple years due to some higher medical expenses, so this means I would have to sock away quite a bit more than I am now to make sure we can cover this without touching the HSA. If I did say fund the HSA completely AND put a full 10K in the other savings to pay for actual medical expenses and leave the HSA to grow, is it possible there might be other ways to write these expenses off on our taxes?
    BTW, our premiums used to be nice and low when we started the HSA, but they have steadily increased each year and are now quite high. I still plan to stay with the HSA, but premiums continue to be a real drain.

    • Hi Paul,
      Yes, that is what I am suggesting if affordable.
      Take a look at Medi-Share I just sent you a link. I put my family of 5 on it with a $10k deductible I pay under $350/month. BCBS wanted $1,100/month. The premium savings pay for the HSA funding and most of the deductible.

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