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Halftime Investment & Economic Report (Video)

We are now past the halfway mark for 2014 and it’s time for a brief review of our investment and economic performance. At your leisure, check out my video commentary below. Halftime Investment & Economic Report Please email or call with any questions or comments you may have.  

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How Long Has It Been Since You Rehabbed Your Home?

This is a guest post by Elisa Niesen and Lynne Gerding, Realtors and Renovators based in Naperville, IL, Spring has finally SPRUNG and if you’re from the Midwest then I’m sure you were as miserable as we were! Every year it is a time of preparation and a revival of the old to make things new. We couldn’t think […]

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Is Your Retirement Plan Aligned With Your Life Expectancy?

BETTER HAVE MORE MONEY Great news: people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before! Bad news: this means we need more money to allow for those additional years. It would be much easier to plan if we all knew the age at which we would die and worked backward from there.  LONGEVITY RISK IS […]

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A Quintessential Rite of Passage…The Cost of Driving (Part II)

Last month our youngest son turned 16 and experienced that long awaited moment…he obtained his driver’s license! A euphoric experience for him, but frankly a somber reality for us as parents.  Last week I wrote about the steps required to obtain a driver’s license and the responsibilities that accompany the privilege to drive a vehicle.  […]

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How I’ll (You Too?) Save $2,800 in Tax This Year

I’ve got Christmas shopping bills coming due. How about you? Today, I will tell you how two simple tax strategies will save me $2,800 this year.  They may work for you as well. The first will save me $1,000, the second will save $1,800 in income tax this year. Take 15 minutes at lunch today […]

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Some Memories are Priceless

“When you get right down to it, money is simply a medium of exchange.  Nothing more”. BR From time to time, great things happen that are free or cost very little compared to the memory created. Yesterday, my daughter, Isabella and I had a fantastic time playing golf together.  Isabella is twelve years old, athletic […]

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Don’t look now, but interest rates have started to rise…

Worried about the imminent fact that interest rates are on the rise… I found a great article this past weekend that lists 7 ways for which you may take advantage of this situation.  I hope at least one of these tips works for you!   The 30-year fixed rate mortgage, now at 3.9 percent, bottomed out […]

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Are upcoming health plans for you?

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act starts rolling out in October, it will overhaul how Americans get health care coverage. You will find yourself in a maze of different options.  I came across this article in the Sunday Chicago Tribune this past Sunday.  Hopefully it may be a start to assist you in […]

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A softer landing for life’s unexpected hiccups

A basic tenant of personal finance that can dramatically improve your money life is having a cash emergency fund. Its sounds so fundamental: put away some money for a rainy day. Yet so many people don’t do it.  Perhaps because they don’t have a solid answer to a simple question: Why?  It’s especially important for […]

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