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Does the American Dream Make Cents?

The American Dream has evolved over time from the right to liberty and pursuit of happiness to the ownership of material items, one of them being a home to call your very own.¬†However, after paying a¬†recent property tax bill for my home, I don’t know

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How Long Has It Been Since You Rehabbed Your Home?

This is a guest post by Elisa Niesen and Lynne Gerding, Realtors and Renovators based in Naperville, IL, Spring has finally SPRUNG and if you’re from the Midwest then I’m sure you were as miserable as we were! Every year it is a time of preparation and

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A Local Housing Turnaround? Q & A with a Pro

Inspired by the recent appraisal of my home for a refinance, I was curious what is going on in the local housing market. If you’re like me, you really haven’t wanted to know your specific home value and how much equity you have lost the