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New Year’s Big Sale – Stocks and Oil

The U.S. stock market at this early point in the year is down (biggest Jan. sale ever?) more than any other year in history. What does that mean to you? Opportunity – what a great sale! I never thought I would be able to buy

Fear and Greed create bad behavior for investors

Left Alone, Many Individuals Are Horrible Investors

Part 2. of 2. Individual Investors Left alone, many individual investors are horrible at timing the market. Instead of “buying low and selling high” people tend to do the opposite.  The proof is in the chart below: The terrible investor results are terrifically poor.  This


And the Winner is? Active vs. Passive Investing

Part 1 of 2 on Investing: Active vs. passive investing For this article the passive approach will be reflected by the S&P 500 stock index. Understanding the differences: It’s easy to get caught up in the Wall Street hype about which investment approach is better.

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Beware of October’s Spooks and Scares

In addition to Halloween, the month of October is known for creating spooks and scares among investors. When it comes to wealth suddenly disappearing, October can be quite frightful. The stock market crash of 1929 that led to the Great Depression occurred in October. So did the

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Two Emotions Kill Your Investment Returns

In 2014, resolve not to “time the market”. “Time in the Market” is one key to long-term investment success. When you look at the chart below you will see just how bad retail (non-professional) investor’s performance is compared to what they could have made had

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Is the Sky Falling as Bond Prices Tumble?

The financial headlines the past few weeks have been cluttered with articles about interest rates rising and bond prices falling.  The lower prices are reflected in your bond mutual fund holdings.  This includes U.S. Treasury Bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, GNMA’s, TIPs and other fixed

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5 Big Financial Planning Mistakes – COST YOU A BUNDLE

Avoiding life’s big financial planning mistakes is not hard if you plan well. Financial planning, however, takes a backseat to day-to-day living for many people and this is where the potential problems creep in. Here is a list of five key planning issues that everyone

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2013 Investment and Economic Outlook

The past decade has been a difficult one for investors with volatile stock prices and economic uncertainty. At times we lived though some very frightful times going back to the Dot Com blow up and all that has happened since. There have been many predictions

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Romney Wins – Then What?

When Romney Wins – Then What? Since Mr. Romney is well positioned to win the presidential election, I’ll take a few minutes to explain what I think might happen if Governor Romney is elected the 44th President of the United States. If Republicans also win

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Coming off a very good first quarter for stocks we continue to play more defense than offense for client investment portfolios. While the stock market rallied hard in June, it was still down about 2% for the quarter.  Through the second quarter the Dow was