medical billing and insurance

My Doctor’s Office Crazy Billing Experience

Doctor Billing and Insurance! Out of pocket is more than they get from the insurance companies? Much to my chagrin, my loving wife made an appointment for me to see […]

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Roth 401K

Why I Contribute to a Roth 401k , Don’t Pay Taxes Later!

The Roth 401k is my favorite personal investment wrapper. What is a Roth 401k? – An employer sponsored retirement plan that allows you to automatically contribute a portion of your […]

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Budgeting Saved My Relationship!

I have been preaching to anyone that would listen. That budgeting and managing your monthly marital cash flow is not only the key to financial success, but also one of […]

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Slow down personal spending

Three Ways to Slow Down Your Personal Spending

The most common reason people do not have the financial wealth they would like right now is due to the discretionary spending choices they have made as adults.  In other […]

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Life Changing Financial Advice IS Waiting For You

Is it possible you are too embarrassed to ask about financial matters you think you should know? After talking with a very bright and successful neighbor earlier this week about […]

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