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It’s Never Too Early

The Time Value of Money is the oldest, wisest concept ever created for investors. Wait until you see what you could create by saving less than $7 a day toward college for an unborn baby! The real power of this concept comes from rate of return and period of years. You may be able to […]

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Winning in 2015

I thought you may be interested to know how a 25-year financial planning expert goes about planning for financial success in the New Year. I’d like to think I live a balanced lifestyle, enjoying life today while saving for an uncertain tomorrow. My peace of mind starts with a detailed analysis of where I am […]

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Parents & Grandparents: Happy 529 Day!

For many, 5/29 is just another day in the month of May and probably overlooked due to the Memorial Day holiday. However, for the financial industry, 529 takes on a different meaning. Many people are unaware of the 529 College Savings Plan, a tax-advantaged account that families can open to save for their children’s or […]

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College: Good News, Bad News

I have been writing about the shrinking value of a college degree for some time now. It’s a fact that college costs have escalated at a pace FAR in excess of family income, dampening the return on college costs. Of course, if that degree makes the difference in landing a job then that probably beats […]

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Is College Worth it Today? An Alternative Idea

When I went to college ( U. Of  Iowa) the out-of-state cost was around $5,000.  Four years and $20,000 or so later I and was done (thanks again mom and dad for paying). My first salaried job paid me $19,500, or almost the equivalent of what my four-year Big Ten school education cost.  For the […]

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Can You Afford College & Retirement?

I believe most people in our area under the age of 60 are completely unprepared ( although most people aren’t aware of this) to maintain their lifestyle without their current income.  What do you think?  Not saving enough, starting too late and a lavish lifestyle (compared to our parents) are three major reasons you may […]

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Father/Son Journey Continues

Yes, I am living vicariously through my son, Jake’s, youth baseball career.  It’s been a fun, interesting, and at times an exasperating experience so far.  Did I mention, expensive? We just spent the past five days in Ft. Myers as he traveled with a special group of players representing Bo Jackson’s Elite team in a […]

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What Did You Pay For Your Kid’s College? Please Respond

I’ve heard that public colleges continue to raise prices dramatically while many private schools are offering discounted prices.  WHAT HAVE YOU HEARD OR EXPERIENCED? Please respond in the “reply” section at the bottom of the page. Also, see what others have spent on college. I have three kids that will be there soon as well […]

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A 2012 Holiday Gift for You

Happy December!  With the days counting down to Christmas, year-end and the impending buzz on the Fiscal Cliff, I just wanted to send you a brief message and direct you to a few of our posts that have received considerable attention, most likely because they relate to issues most near and dear to our own personal lives…college […]

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You’re Not Alone – Who Can Afford College Today? College Calculator

College costs for kids today are ridiculous and unaffordable for most people. We are in this together.  I have three children ages 14,13 and 11 that are planning on attending four-year colleges as of now.  The future costs could be close to $500,000 depending on what schools they attend!!!!  Take a look at my College […]

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