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Category Archives: Achieving Financial Independence

Are You Too Embarrassed to Ask?

Is it possible you are too embarrassed to ask about financial matters you think you should know? After talking with a very bright and successful neighbor earlier this week about how bonds work and their inherent risk, I was reminded that most bright people don’t

Cash is King

I often borrow a phrase  “Big Hat No Cattle” from a book called The Millionaire Next Door and it’s That means you live an affluent lifestyle, but have very little money saved compared to what you’ve earned. I would like to suggest it starts with

Trump Wins! My Economic View

Donald Trump is our President-Elect and a tidal wave of fiscally conservative change may be in store for our country. As a conservative (the less government intervention the better) , I couldn’t be more excited about the policy changes that have been promised. My economic

The Key to Financial Success

What’s the key to financial success?  Make a Plan (free online plan now available). Financial Planning is not only for the rich, as a matter of fact, having a plan is a key ingredient to being financially successful.  Some people think you need to be

The Big Lie

The Big Lie is that creating a higher standard of living leads to a higher quality of life. Having more money or nicer things allows you to pay for nicer things and borrow more money, but doesn’t mean you will have a better quality of

5 Bigger Risks Than The Stock Market

Sure you might lose money on any given day on a stock or stock mutual fund. What other risks are out there? Many people are taking much bigger risks than that and may not know it. Retirees earning too little or spending too much. Unfortunately

Make 2016 the Year of Good Habits

Habits are the center of our daily existence.  90% of what we do everyday is habit based. How you start your day, your visit to your computer, IPad or cell phone, exercise or not, what or where you like to eat, how you relate to

Déjà Vu All Over Again

Déjà Vu all over again was the response I received from one long-time client in response to what is going on lately with the stock markets around the world. Seemingly no worries at all. He’s seen it all before and hopefully is very comfortable with

When to Say “No”

Where do you draw the line? Our kids have their hands out wanting us to buy things for them starting at a very early age.  In grade school, I think candy and ice cream were the most popular requests.  Now that my three kids are