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What are Some Measures You Can Take to Protect Against Inflation?

Spring is finally upon us…well almost.  Do you remember your childhood days where the weather was temperate enough that you could walk up to the local drug store (in my case Vallette Rexall Drug) with a dollar in your pocket?  In the late 1970s you were able to purchase at least 4 jumbo candy bars […]

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Is Your Retirement Portfolio Properly Diversified?

Great News:  We have weathered the storm of the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009! Cautionary News: The possibilities for you to experience losses in your retirement portfolio due to factors that affect the overall performance of the financial markets continue to exist. This risk, defined as MARKET or SYSTEMATIC RISK IS VERY REAL.  As […]

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A Quintessential Rite of Passage…The Cost of Driving (Part II)

Last month our youngest son turned 16 and experienced that long awaited moment…he obtained his driver’s license! A euphoric experience for him, but frankly a somber reality for us as parents.  Last week I wrote about the steps required to obtain a driver’s license and the responsibilities that accompany the privilege to drive a vehicle.  […]

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A Quintessential Rite of Passage…Your Teenager’s Visit to the DMV (Part I)

My youngest, who recently received his Driver’s License, going for a cruise… Driver Education In Illinois, most people under age 18 learn to drive in high school or at a commercial driver training school licensed by the Secretary of State’s office. Commercial driver training schools in the Chicagoland area include Top Driver, Michael’s Driving School […]

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Don’t look now, but interest rates have started to rise…

Worried about the imminent fact that interest rates are on the rise… I found a great article this past weekend that lists 7 ways for which you may take advantage of this situation.  I hope at least one of these tips works for you!   The 30-year fixed rate mortgage, now at 3.9 percent, bottomed out […]

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Are upcoming health plans for you?

When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act starts rolling out in October, it will overhaul how Americans get health care coverage. You will find yourself in a maze of different options.  I came across this article in the Sunday Chicago Tribune this past Sunday.  Hopefully it may be a start to assist you in […]

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A softer landing for life’s unexpected hiccups

A basic tenant of personal finance that can dramatically improve your money life is having a cash emergency fund. Its sounds so fundamental: put away some money for a rainy day. Yet so many people don’t do it.  Perhaps because they don’t have a solid answer to a simple question: Why?  It’s especially important for […]

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 With students entering into the final stretch of the spring semester many are still contemplating their options for employment this summer.  Many students are still looking to land a summer internship.  Although many young adults have already solidified their plans for the summer, many are still looking for the opportunity to land a summer internship. […]

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Another Silver Lining to Investing in an IRA

This is the time of year you will hear much about IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) This is because an IRA contribution is the last tax deduction you can still create for your 2012 tax return to make a pretax IRA contribution (provided that you not eligible for another form of retirement saving, ect 401k defined benefit […]

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