Brad Rosley

Brad Rosley CFP
Brad Rosley has been providing financial solutions to client’s since 1986. He is the founder and President of FFG which opened in Glen Ellyn in 1996.

Brad graduated from the University of Iowa in 1986. Achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. I've been a Certified Financial Planner since 1990 and helping individuals with their financial decisions for over 25 years.

Brad has been quoted and written articles in several publications. Including Kiplinger's, Chicago Magazine and Business Week. “Brad Rosley on Educated Investing” was published in 2001. He has been blogging at since 2011. I am a long standing member of the Financial Planning Association of Illinois (FPA®), and holding several offices over the years. In 2009, having the honor of serving as President and Chairman of the Board in 2010 of the 1,100 member Illinois Chapter of the FPA®.

My wife, Soni and our three children reside in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Brad has been quoted and written articles in several publications. Including Chicago Magazine and Business Week. “Brad Rosley on Educated Investing”

As Seen In Kiplinger Magazine, Market Watch and Investopedia.

Brad Rosley is a fee-based Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) who proudly acts as a fiduciary for my clients.

Meaning I have a legal obligation to put my client interests ahead of my own. Helping my clients bridge the gap and finding the balance between living comfortably today, and enjoying life while planning for tomorrow. Dedicated to building relationships with people who are passionate about living life to the fullest!

Thanks to technology we have no geographic boundary and can help people wherever they may reside.

Unlike many advisors, we focus on all areas. Your goals and of your financial situation. Not just your portfolio. This helps us to match your money with your goals and priorities.

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 Clients tell me they see me as their trusted advisor and thank me for helping them define their life goals and put together a comprehensive plan of action to make that happen. They also tell me they appreciate my 24/7 availability, my knowledge of their specific life circumstances, my objectivity and expertise.

Starting in this field in 1986, one year before the 1987 stock market crash. After seeing that panic and how it impacted people's financial lives, I decided to pursue a career in the newly emerging field of financial planning, Certified Financial Planner since 1990. In 1996, I opened my own independent firm.  A decided to keep a restricted client base so that I can keep a laser focus on the lives of the people I work with. Having been in this field since my mid twenties, I have had the benefit of working with people in all stages of life and living though many of them as well. Some of the most rewarding things I have seen during my tenure include helping clients save for major goals such as retirement and college and seeing them through those times and beyond.

Dedicated to providing hands on strategic wealth planning and portfolio management to my clients.

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