More to Life Than Walking?


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What should I do with all the new free time in my life?

My three kids are now all in high school and as you might imagine they are no longer that excited about spending time with dad.  Getting them to do something is like pulling teeth, which of course, is the polar opposite of how things used to be.  Like most parents prior to my kids becoming teenagers, my calendar was filled with kid activities and we were chauffeur and cheerleader after work and on weekends.  Those days are suddenly behind me.  Now when the kids have activities they drive themselves and ask for gas money.

Obviously, this has freed up a lot of time.  I have more time than most people in my situation because I have a nearby office. I designed my work life around having the ability to be home with my kids for breakfast and dinner everyday by having an office close to home. Now all that means is that I have that much more time that I don’t know what to do with.

What am I supposed to do with all that extra free time?  Help me!

So far, all I have been able to do with that extra time is go on walks.  Obsessively walking and monitoring my daily step count is filling much of my non work time.  Several months ago a neighbor and good friend told me about his Fitbit and the step contest he was involved in with his coworkers.  That is how it all started for me.  Since then, I make sure to take 100,000 steps every week.  Getting to that number takes effort.  It’s a personal challenge that I am driven to accomplish by any means necessary.  Some days I walk to work (2 miles = 4,000 steps).  Since the step counter is an app on my phone, I play basketball at lunch time with my phone in my deep pocket.  That’s another 5,000 steps on average.  On days I don’t do those big step activities I find myself aimlessly walking the streets of Glen Ellyn, sometimes for more than an hour taking in the beautiful sites as I monitor my step count.  Last night, I enjoyed the full moon as I got in the extra 4,000+ steps I needed to make up for some slow days I had earlier in the week to get to my 100,000 steps in.

Why do I walk so much?

The Benefits:

1. Exercise, It’s a great way to get/stay in shape.

2. It’s nice to be able to clear my mind of worries.

3. I need to get away from annoying kids (haha).

The Worry:

  1. I’ve become obsessed with achieving my goal.
  2. I’m bored sitting at home, and can’t think of anything else to do.

There has to be more to life than just walking…….

If you are a parent that has more time on your hands because your kids are less dependent on you, what are you doing with all that free time?

There has to be some fun, time-consuming activities I could try before I wear out the soles of my shoes.  Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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