“It’s Christmas in August!”

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Life is about making memories and I had an all-timer this week when I took my mother (a die-hard Reds fan from Cincinnati) and her dear friend, Lolly,  to Wrigley Field for the Cubs vs. Reds game Tuesday night.

Lolly, has been a veryclose family friend since I befriended her son, Bill, in kindergarten.  Lolly is an amazing women, very religious, and if God asked me what a Saint looked like, I would point at her.

I had tickets to the Cubs game and was planning on taking my mother to see her team play the Cubs when the thought of inviting Lolly crossed my mind.  Like my mother, Lolly is a full-time sports fan known for hooting and hollering from the stands or her couch, so when I called and invited her to the game, she said “it’s Christmas in August!!”  She was so shocked and surprised and happy that I asked her to join us that I just knew it would be a special night.

As you might have guessed we sat in rush hour traffic on our way to the 7:00pm game, but that turned out to be a great thing as Lolly had the opportunity to enlighten us all on some of her great life experiences.  She told stories about the good old days with such enthusiasm that her good mood and excitement rubbed off on all of us.

Once at the park she never left her seat for fear of missing a big play in the game.  She cheered the Cub players by name and booed when something went against her team.  The Cub’s were losing until a big 2-run Home Run in the 7th inning gave the Cub’s the lead which they held on to win 5-4.  For a moment we thought we should leave early to beat the crowd, but I’m so glad we didn’t.  The post game victory celebration made it seem like we won the World Series.  When the Cubs win “Go Cubs Go” is played through the loud speakers.  Lolly sang at the top of her lungs, every word; it was great!

She thanked me ten times over throughout the night, but I was the one who should have been thanking her as I was so grateful to be there with her on this special night and for all the kindness she has shown me throughout my life.

She hadn’t been to Wrigley in over a decade and at 86 years old never expected to see the park again.  She got to see it again and I am so glad I was there with her.

Life’s all about making memories!

Go Cubs Go!

Go Cubs Go!

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