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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Beneficiary Issues

Most of your assets will never pass on through your will (assuming you have one).  IRA’s, 401k’s, life insurance and annuities all have direct beneficiaries that were recorded when you first signed up for them.  For many of those assets, that information may be outdated.

Do You Really Understand Your Tax Bracket?

Whether you received a bonus from work or are retired and considering taking an IRA distribution, understanding how that extra income impacts your taxes is important.  I just had a client review meeting explaining tax brackets and realized it’s quite possible many people do not

Create Your Own Private Retirement Pension

I imagine that most people reading this will end up never spending the principal of their retirement nest egg for fear of running out of money.  At some age, well into those retirement years, you will realize you are too darn old (you have everything

“It’s Christmas in August!”

Life is about making memories and I had an all-timer this week when I took my mother (a die-hard Reds fan from Cincinnati) and her dear friend, Lolly,  to Wrigley Field for the Cubs vs. Reds game Tuesday night. Lolly, has been a veryclose family