Want to Smile? Work up a Sweat!

YogaposeLately, I’ve lost some of the bounce in my step and have found myself not smiling as much as I would like. Despite trying many of my mood uplifting tricks, I couldn’t shake my doldrums. I tried walking at night, breaking my diet and eating some sweets and listening to uplifting music. None of this worked.

That is until I decided to get some serious exercise and played some lunchtime basketball.  This is one of my favorite activities, and other than walking, I haven’t been doing much of anything to get my heart rate up since March.  I love to play and I really take for granted how much it lifts me mentally.  As soon as I finish playing, a feeling of contentment comes over me.  What about you?

You’ve probably heard that exercise releases positive endorphins into your body.  This helps raise your spirits.  You will feel better about yourself, how you look and feel.  Of course, that good feeling spills over into your day and how you treat people, handle work projects and deal with good and bad situations throughout the day.


For people that haven’t exercised in a long-time, walking or swimming would probably do the trick.  For those of you who already walk, you may want to try a slow jog or treadmill to get your heart rate going a little faster if that’s what it takes to release the positive energy into your body.

I’m writing about this because ideally, everyone who has a clear financial plan needs a good overall health plan in order to enjoy the fruits of their planning.  I believe that diet (Wheat Belly Article) and exercise are critically important to your happiness.  Plan today to exercise tomorrow.


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