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Father’s Day is coming soon and I always have mixed feelings about it. When do men with kids stop thinking of Father’s Day as a day to think about their own dad rather than being a dad?  I’m sure everybody’s different, but I still haven’t gotten to that point despite my dad having passed away seventeen years ago.

Howard Rosley

Howard Rosley

Dad’s play such an impactful role in the lives of their children.  It’s long after my dad has passed and I still wonder what he would have done with the situations I have faced as a dad.  I would love to be able to ask his opinion on parenting, work issues, women, sports, etc.  My dad is also a major part of my conscious.  I often take walks and reflect on my decision making and wonder how he might have handled things.  I also wonder if what I did would have made him proud or not.

As Father’s Day roles in again this weekend, may I suggest you tell your kids all about your own dad, their grandfather.  If your mom or dad is alive, ask them about their father.  I’m sure they have great stories to share, and it will put a smile on their face to be able to tell them to you.  It’s also important to honor your family, (especially those that came before you) and too many people know too little about these men.

Happy Father’s Day Week.

I hope you are able to share some great stories about dad this weekend!


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  1. Nice article, Brad. My Dad had a heart attack when I was in second grade. I wonder how things would have been different had surgery not saved his life (his father had a heart attack at the same age, too but wasn’t able to be saved). My dad turned 70 in April and he and I just took my almost 5 year old son on our first 3 generation fishing trip in Kentucky.

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