Is Ignorance Bliss?



This year for Lent I gave up Fox News. If you are an avid news watcher, you may want to try this too.  “Out of sight” really does lead to ” out of mind.”

Fox generally provides me with all the current news and a ton of commentary from both sides of the political aisle on issues pertinent to U.S. economic, social, and foreign policy.  I won’t watch or listen to what is going on in the world during Lent (this is a big change for me) this year. So far it’s been very nice not hearing politicians or commentators from either side making up excuses for the many bothersome things that are going in the world we live in today.

I’m beginning to think that following the News is a giant waste of my time.

While currently “in the dark” on the economic front, I’m no longer being reminded that…

  • As a percentage, the U.S. has fewer people working today than ever, as millions of people have given up on even looking for a job.
  • The U.S. National Debt is over $18 Trillion and has grown more in the past six years than under the first 43 presidents combined!
  • Current policies are not helping the poor:  “For Every Person Added to Job Rolls Since January 2009, 75 People Were Added To Food Stamp Rolls.”
  • All of this while the federal government has confiscated a record amount of our wages  (topping $1 trillion) in the form of taxes.
  • Meanwhile: President Obama’s Immigration Fix: 4 million Illegal Immigrants Who Never Paid U.S. Tax, Get 3 Years Of Tax Refunds. This stuff would normally drive me crazy, now I forget about it a few seconds after reading the headline.
  • The fed is going to start regulating the internet (under the guise of “Net Neutrality”). This can’t be good and can only lead to making the internet a utility and eventually finding a way to tax it to pay for other government handouts or favors.
  • 17,000 public officials in D.C. earn over $200,000 per year.  No wonder they need more tax revenue.
  • Supreme Court of U.S. is making a HUGE ruling on if the words in a law have meaning:   The Affordable Care Act authorized federal insurance subsidies though “an exchange established by the state,” and only through those exchanges.  The fate of Obamacare lies with this ruling.  I won’t be listening to the politicians or commentators discuss this either.

Some great news for some: a record 290 people were recently added to the Forbes Billionaire list, I guess a rising stock market does lift some boats.

World news is also fading quickly from memory when I don’t follow it the way I did a couple weeks ago.

  • Former Secretary of State Clinton, was caught breaking the law by using her personal email to discuss national security issues while the Secretary of State.  It’s a major security breach and looks like a government cover up. Maybe the truth behind the coverup regarding Benghazi might actually come out.
  • Islam Extremists committing more atrocities…did it really happen if I didn’t know about it?  In a weird way, not watching it being discussed on TV makes it almost seem like it isn’t happening. Maybe that’s why Presidents golf so much.
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to speak to Congress because he is concerned about Iran’s plan to have nuclear weapons. I’m not going to be following this story either. No need to be frustrated by our country’s inaction in this matter. We couldn’t be a target of Iran’s first Nuke, could we?

I could go on and on about the U.S. and world news stories I won’t be following for the next 30 days, but I think you get the point.

For now, “Ignorance is Bliss”. I think the majority of the U.S. population spends their entire life ignorant to most of these types of issues and why not, most don’t directly impact their life. I am enjoying giving this a try for 40 days, but I don’t know if I can ignore these national issues altogether forever.

Instead of watching Fox News I have spent more time working, exercising, reading (especially the bible), watching other shows on TV, and have gone to quite a few high school basketball games to occupy my new free time.

All of this and a lot less worry about things for which I have zero control over.  It’s all in God’s hands anyway. You may want to give this a try as well.

If you do, let me know how it goes.


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