Life Without the Wife

FunnydadMy wife likes to take trips with her girlfriends every now and then and right now she is enjoying sunny Miami while her family digs their way out of 19 inches of snow, blowing every which way as temperatures fall into the teens and then single digits.

Life without my wife here is very different, especially around the house. I like to think I am the “King of My Castle”, but that is FAR from the truth, except when she goes away. I suppose many wives are like mine and your home is HER domain and don’t you dare mess it up, especially after all the hard work she has done to keep it clean, prepare the food, do the laundry, etc.

In my life without the wife, the first thing I notice when I come home from work; nobody is telling me what to do. I ANSWER TO NO ONE. I can leave my shoes on in my house if I want. I can snack before dinner without a glare or being reminded that dinner is in the oven. Hanging my coat up is optional and laying it over a chair is just fine now. You get the point, in some ways I’m “living the dream”.  Although the “selfie” she took on the beach looked more inviting than the one of me wrapped in a blanket, reading a book on the couch by myself in a messy house surrounded by snow.


The kids must feel the same way.  No mother to micro-manage everything they do or yell at them to pick up after themselves or quit bugging each other, etc.
In some ways it is very nice to be “the guy” in total charge of your home and kids. No one to second guess your decisions or make you feel bad or guilty for what you decide to do or watch on TV.  Parenting three teenage kids is at times, a royal pain in the a_ _, made worse when parent’s disagree on how to parent. For now, that issue is not in the equation, “no worries” these days.

I am loving this time as the “King of My Castle”, and so is she I suspect, but also glad it’s just for five days and not a lifetime. For I really do appreciate all that my wife does for me, our family and our home and it gets pretty lonely at night after feeding the kids, doing the dishes, wiping down the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms and trying to do the laundry after a long day at work.

I find her trips and my guy trips to be very healthy for us and our marriage. Not only are the trips fun and memorable, but “absence does make the heart grow fonder”.  May God bless wives everywhere.


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