Wanted: Child Care Provider

Requirements include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Strong knowledge of the Lego the Hobbit Video Game
  • Basketball and outdoor sports skills
  • Willingness to wrestle is a plus.

Why not consider a MANNY? Also known as a child care provider who happens to be a young male.

With more families entrusting young children to the care of male babysitters, teenage boys—many who couldn’t care less about old notions of gender roles—are discovering an enjoyable alternative to mowing lawns for extra cash. Last summer, our son Jack in need of a summer job took on this role and discovered it to be a rewarding experience. Jack became the primary daytime childcare provider for an 8-year-old boy. Not only was he able to earn a respectable hourly rate (approximately $12 per hour), but he also built a lasting relationship with this young boy and gained a respect for the responsibilities that come with the territory of child care.



(Photo from Wall Street Journal)

The number of responsible teenage boys that are interested in becoming “mannies” is growing. The American Red Cross says it has noticed an uptick in the number of boys taking its babysitting classes, which are held in more than 2,000 U.S. classrooms. This year, 9.3% of its enrolled students are boys, up from 8.7% in June 2013. Child care is a great experience for either young boys or girls. There’s a difference between good babysitters and bad babysitters, and typically gender doesn’t play a role.

Jack said on a typical day he would be responsible for meals, transportation to and from scheduled sports activities and participation in outside activities including going to the baseball field to play catch. “It’s definitely more enjoyable than physical labor,” Jack has said. “I enjoy being around him. He is a really good kid.”

There are several avenues for your teenager to explore to gain knowledge and qualifications as they prepare to look for a job as a child care provider. Classes are offered by many local park districts (including the Elmhurst Park District), private entities and The American Red Cross.

For those parents whose young male teens are looking for summer employment along with those parents who are in need of child care for this 2014 summer, why not consider the MANNY proposition? You will not be disappointed!


Chaker, Anne Marie. More Teenage Boys Get Jobs as Baby Sitters, Find Parents Are Fans. Wall Street Journal. Date accessed 10 June 2014.


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