I Love Twitter and Why You Should Too

1526337_10153737435895422_1719256770_nWe can either embrace change or ignore it, but you are missing out if you ignore it.  Twitter is an adult app for people who like to read.

In my effort to be your best financial resource, Twitter is my best friend. 

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Technology has been my best friend in business and now that I have discovered the benefits of Twitter, I  hope that you might do the same.  It is a customized news resource. Twitter can be accessed on your computer, smart phone or tablet.  Twitter is free and all you need to do is sign up and go (download the app if you use it on your smart phone or tablet).

Twitter is my main source of financial, news, health, sports and other topics I care about.  After you sign up, you decide who or what sources you want to “follow”.  Twitter makes it easy by dividing popular topics such as: news, sports, entertainment, family, faith & religion, TV, government and many more.  From the category, you can easily follow your favorite resources for information, for instance, I follow the Wall Street Journal in Finance and Men’s Health under Health.  I also follow specific people whose opinion I respect. These could be TV commentators or personal friends. Throughout the day they may send one or more “tweets” that show up on my account and I may choose to click the link to one of their articles if it interests me. For instance, a tweet from Men’s Health Magazine:


8 fitness trackers that every man must know about:


You simply click on the link to read the article or scroll past it.  If you choose, you can send a reply to the sender with your personal comment, “retweet it” which means that anybody that is following you will see it or make it a favorite so you can easily refer back to it.


I read quite a few articles every day and the financial articles that are especially good (in my opinion) I “retweet” for my followers.  That is why I recommend you “follow” my company on Twitter @Fortune_FG so you can see the financial issues I deem as important.

Our tweets also show up on our blog now.

If you need help signing up for Twitter, call Katie at our office number, 630-942-9007 or check out this video we created on Twitter Basics.

One recent retweet from us:


RT : 40 Thoughts On Turning 40

You can see all my tweets and retweets (good articles written by others) when you follow us on Twitter.
We live in a new age of information and Twitter is just the latest and greatest method to distribute information to many people in real-time.  It truly is an amazing communication tool.  I hope you benefit from it as much as I have.


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