Wheat is the Reason for Your Waistline

wheat bellyEating a large quantity of wheat is a major reason for the belly you have today.  Lose the wheat; lose the belly fat. Today’s wheat is not the wheat your grandparents ate. It is processed and has a very negative impact on your body and health. In this blog entry, you will discover how to lose weight and feel better than you have in years.

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine shared with me the impact wheat has on our body.  He was diagnosed with MS, but believes the symptoms are actually caused by a wheat filled diet.  After several weeks on a wheat-free diet, my friend had lost 19 pounds!  He has always been in great shape and the reason for the change was not to lose weight (he has been a fitness buff for his whole life), but to get rid of his MS symptoms.  So far the symptoms have been minimized more on his gluten free diet, than when taking his $4,500/month meds.  He stopped taking the prescription and is much better off due to the diet change.

‘Wheat-belly’ 101 – Five clues that your excess weight is caused by gluten

I was fascinated and decided to read up on it.  I started by reading Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD.

Since I gave up wheat the day after Thanksgiving, the impact has been amazing:

  • My joints feel great (main benefit I was hoping for)
  • I am seldom hungry (explained by the diet change)
  • I lost eight pounds and shrunk a size in my waist
  • I am seldom crabby (according to my wife, this is the best benefit)
  • I have constant energy all day long
  • I am sleeping better than I ever have
  • I have a doctor’s physical in two weeks so we will see how my key blood measurements show up

Why is wheat so much worse for weight than other foods? 

Wheat promotes high blood sugar (glucose), which promotes high blood insulin. The higher the blood sugar, the more insulin must be released to move the sugar into the body’s cells, such as those in the muscle and liver.  When the pancreas’ ability to produce insulin in response to blood sugar rises is exceeded, diabetes develops.

High blood insulin provokes visceral fat accumulation, the body’s means of storing excess energy. A “wheat belly” grows over time.

Did you know that wheat increases blood sugar more profoundly than table sugar?

A snickers bar has a lower glycemic index impact than two pieces of wheat bread?

One of the worst side effects of eating wheat-based products is that after the spike in insulin subsides, you get hungry again.  Your body will crave sugar when the blood sugar high subsides and this is why you would naturally be hungry a couple of hours after having a bagel for breakfast.

It is not just your belly that you should be concerned about as a side effect of eating wheat based products.  In addition to producing inflammatory hormones such as leptin ( joint pain), visceral fat studies have shown that increased visceral fat make woman four times more likely to get breast cancer.  After eating wheat or sugar you are subjecting yourself to mood swings and being hungry all day long.  Wheat is also bad for your skin (pimples), can create ulcers, dementia, seizures, cataracts, wrinkles and more.  Teenage acne is known to clear up when then remove wheat/sugar from their diet.

Some of the foods I pass on today: cereals, all snack chips (these are horrible for you), sugary desserts, candy, all breads/pizza, gluten-free foods that are full of starch,  fruit juices and soft drinks, beer and dark liquors (red wine and some vodkas are ok).  Amazingly, I am never hungry and my sweet tooth has disappeared!

What I eat:

  • fruits & vegetables
  • raw nuts (great snack)
  • meats and eggs
  • dairy

If you want to change your life, try giving up or cutting back on wheat/sugar and watch your body and life change.


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  1. Interesting, I’ve been trying to cut all the empty calories I consume (I’m not a pop drinker, but it’s hard for me to not eat cookies, cake, etc.). So, I thought I’d ‘eat better’ by having a PB sandwich on whole wheat in the morning and a typical lunch meat sandwich on whole wheat for lunch. I’m eating 4 slices of wheat bread a day. Your article makes me think I need drop the whole wheat altogether and see how I do.

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