2013 Was a Memorable Year


It has been a memorable year and I hope my blog (over 5,000 hits in 2014) has captured some of the moments that impacted our lives and will help us plan for the future.

I’ll take this time to re-share my some of my most popular blogs from this year and for fun ask that you rank them 1-4.

Father/Son Journey Continues 

Is College Worth it Today? An Alternative Idea

Live Like You Were Dying

The Best Investment I Ever Made

 Please rank below:

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In case you missed my previous blog entries, I have listed some by categories below:


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Better Alternative to Long-Term Care Insurance

A Million Dollars Doesn’t Go as Far as it Used to

What is Your Retirement Number? – Why It’s Going Up…


Obamacare – Pass on Insurance? – Train Wreck Coming

Math Matters – Affordable Healthcare Act Sign up Glitches are the Least Concern

Unworkable ObamaCare

There is No Government Crisis (4 minute read time)


A Season for Giving Thanks & Bonus From Duck Dynasty Video

Spoiling Kids Could Make Them Rotten and you Poor

Chicago Finances in BIG TROUBLE- The Blue State Reckoning

Parenting – Should I Share This Story About a Recovering Drug Addict With My Teenager?

Please share these blog posts with others and let me know if there are topics you would like to read more about.

Thanks and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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