Favorite Smart Phone Apps

smart phoneWhat did I ever do with all the time I waste looking at my phone?

I can hardly keep up with the explosion of smart phone apps, can you?

I know my smart phone apps have changed my life, my access to information and time-wasting games.

I usually hear about great apps from other people so I thought I would share my list and hope that you will share your favorites with my readers.

Some of my most used apps and why include:

Pandora – You create your own radio station by inputting an artist or two and based on that a radio station is created.

Google Maps – great direction app – type your address or name of place and it gives you a map and verbal directions

Word’s with Friends – scrabble like game – you can play a random person or invite a friend.  I play my mother all the time.

Golfshot GPS – $40 app (one time) has every a detailed map for every golf course, keeps score and personal statistics

Drudge Report– All the latest breaking news – much of it is not reported in local news media

Twitter – Probably my favorite – I use it to  “follow” my favorite news sources and read the posts with titles of  interest follow me at @bhrosley

Real Clear Politics – Daily list of politically related articles pulled from a cross-section of media.

Take a look at your smart phone;

What are your favorite apps? 

Please respond in the “comments” section at the bottom of the page so other readers can find out about them.


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  1. My favorite apps are: Waze (a terrific navigation app with traffic reports in real time), Flashlight, my Chase bank app, YouVersion Bible, Wunderground weather app…but discover new ones regularly usually from my adult children (!).

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