Some Memories are Priceless

Olivia and Justin Bieber

Olivia and Justin Bieber

“When you get right down to it, money is simply a medium of exchange.  Nothing more”. BR

From time to time, great things happen that are free or cost very little compared to the memory created.

Yesterday, my daughter, Isabella and I had a fantastic time playing golf together.  Isabella is twelve years old, athletic and has a great disposition for golf ( she laughed if she hit a bad shot or whiffed).  She has only swung a club a few times in her life and wanted to forgo any warmup or practice and go right on to playing. My first move was to get us a motorized golf cart and we were off.  We laughed and giggled our way around the course.  She drove the golf cart a little with a grin from ear to ear. I kept the scorecard (she counted EVERY stroke), took some pictures and thanks to new technology Isabella created the collage picture below.  It was a fabulous time together!

My 13-year-old daughter, Olivia, has “the fever”.  The “Bieber fever”. She had been saving her hard-earned money for six months and asking that I pick up the tab for the other $250 it would cost to get a good seat at Tuesday night’s Justin Bieber concert at the United Center.  Olivia’s bedroom wall is covered in Bieber magazine cut out pictures and she has been walking around the house with headphones on singing along with all his songs for months.

As of two days before the concert she had not bought a ticket and her friend that she was hoping to go with had no chance of convincing her mother to spend $500 on a concert ticket.

Then it all came together when a friend of my wife’s (Soni) had two tickets and a parking pass that she got from her company and gave to us for FREE.  At first, Olivia (13) was disappointed that the seats weren’t better, not realizing just how fortunate she was.

Soni bought a cheap ticket online to be in the building with them and they were in. Tuesday morning the girls Googled where Justin was staying and it was at the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago.  They talked my wife into taking them there before the concert.  They arrived around 5pm (concert started at 8:30) in their homemade tie-died shirts and saw hundreds of young girls that had been waiting since early that morning hoping to catch a glimpse. Olivia was determined to see Justin and was excited when they saw the band’s big black traveling truck parked outside the hotel. Olivia told me she dreamed of meeting Justin.
While her friend waited by the front door with hundreds of other fans, Olivia looked for a back door and waited there patiently with a smaller crowd.  After a while, most bagged it and left to the concert, but not Olivia.  Her patience paid off.

Olivia and several other fans were brought in through this back entrance.  OMG (Oh My Goodness) Olivia was being brought back to meet JUSTIN BIEBER!!!   She met him and he even put his arm around her for a very quick picture!!

A memory for a lifetime.  There was a 3 hour wait, $1,000, “Meet and Greet” opportunity after the conference and Olivia got that and more for FREE.

When I told Olivia that I never got to meet a famous singer my entire life, her response was “You probably never tried as hard as me”.

She was right, thanks for the lesson Olivia.

This all reminds me of what to use as a compass for your life and financial decisions:

Whenever possible, do what you can to make a great memories!

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