Paul Ryan – What’s he Really all About?

If we keep going like this, the U.S. will crumble under the weight of its own debt.

I am a little surprised that Mitt Romney choose one of the few politicians that has the guts to point out the badly broken entitlement programs and crazy debt path the U.S. is on and actually offer fiscal solutions to save them.

Paul Ryan will get ripped by some media trying to scare seniors by telling them they will lose their medicare and social security.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Ryan actually wants to SAVE Medicare and Social Security for future generations. Every other politician (republicans and democrats) has been kicking the can down the road afraid of losing votes if changes were made to these sacred entitlement programs.

I equate our country’s finances to a person running up credit card debt for years and not worrying about ever paying more than the minimum due (politician’s seldom worry about the size of  the debt or the future cost of their promises) . It’s very unhealthy financially for our country and we need to change course. The day of reckoning is coming.

Become informed about Paul Ryan’s ideas (not the bias media) as he strong in his convictions and is one of the few politicians on either side of the aisle that is courageous enough to take this to the people before it is too late.

Link to Ryan’s Road Map

Path to Prosperity


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  1. When ever I read phrases like ‘bias media’ immediately causes me to wonder where does this writer gain their information? is only certain media bias and other’s not? how is that determination made?
    My assumption is in reading your comments that you have a direct access to Mr. Ryan and all congressional published records and budget documents? Otherwise it would seem to me that you are drawing a conclusion based on various items you have read and/or heard – as does everyone else.
    I for one do not believe Mr. Ryan’s recommendations are the best for Medicare. It is quite misleading to state he is the only one ‘looking at it’. Obviously that isn’t correct.
    Iwould strongly suggest that you examine closely many of the items that were put into place to ‘manage’ medicare funds even from the previous Republican administration. To believe that a population that clearly cannot make appropriate lifestyle choices (see CDC date re obesity numbers and diabetes and smoking) will have the capability of selecting healthcare coverage in a voucher system is ludicrous. Many people don’t understand their current benefit packages as it is.

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