Travel Sports – Are They Worth the Price?

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 My wife, Soni and I have two daughters playing travel soccer and one son that plays travel baseball.  With the money we have paid for them to be involved in these activities we probably could have afforded a down payment on a small condo in Chicago!

I know we are not the only parents that have spent thousands of dollars on travel sports, but wonder how we will reflect on doing this in the future.  For our son, it provided him a chance to play with elite players in a sport that he loves and has very lofty dreams, but did we really have to have all those lessons, camps and latest equipment?  Time will tell if it was all worth it.

For our daughters it was more about providing an athletic environment with the benefits of playing a team sport with their friends and growing physically and mentally.  They like soccer, but don’t love it and it is a shame that there was not a popular park district program that attracted all their friends to play in.  By default, we got sucked in to paying for the travel soccer program.

Playing competitive sports (team or individual) has many benefits, it’s the expensive training and travel that I wonder about. Most of us played sports growing up and had a blast, learned life lessons, but it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to participate.  If it had, our parents probably would have said “no thank you” or just couldn’t afford it.

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