A New Day Cambodia

 It’s hard to believe that we are half way through the summer. I hope you have had a fantastic and memorable summer.  Typically, Brad and I post articles that will assist you in your life planning.  This week I wanted to share with you an experience that our son Jack just completed that is truly life changing.



Jack is a sophomore in college at Indiana University.  He was fortunate enough to participate in a trip to Phnom Penh Cambodia to work with the children that are currently blessed to be part of A New Day Cambodia (ANDC).  A New Day Cambodia is a not for profit school established by Bill Smith, lead photographer for the Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks and his wife Lauren and Joe O’Neil, Executive Director of Ticketing for the Bulls and his wife Susan. ANDC provides education, housing, food and medical care for the most impoverished children. Currently there are almost 100 children that the program was able to rescue.  Since a picture (or in this case video) says 1,000 words, please see the videos on this link…in particular Bill Smith Lasting Impressions Block 1-4 (there are four separate vidieos) .  Some of the videos were filmed just this past week and others were from a previous visit. Truly Inspirational and will be a great start to your weekend.

Link Below:

A New Day Camodia


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