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Happy Trails!

As I filled my gas tank yesterday I could not help but notice the total not only climbing past $60 but peaking at over $70.  Gas prices are spiking – AGAIN!!!

I thought I would pass on several money savings tips…many of which you may already know, several may be news you can use!

20 Ways to Save on Gas – Some you know and some you don’t-


  1. Pay cash in some instances you may get a discount but if not it at least will be a less painful task to pay your monthly Visa bill
  2. Fill up at the warehouse club including COSCO which typically have more competitive rates
  3. Shop around it may surprise you the different rates different stations charge
  4. Use a smart phone app to find nearby low prices
  5. Take some pressure off the gas petal  The slower you go, the less gas you use
  6. Take the extra weight out of your car In the winter months the golf clubs will be more secure stored in your house and will save you a few pennies
  7. Schedule some time with your mechanic-Get a tune-up, tire alignment , clean your air filters and check your tire pressure
  8. Eliminate jack-rabbit starts  Don’t stomp on the peddle
  9. Carpool
  10. Ride a bike not only will you save a few pennies but a few calories as well
  11. Buy a car that gets better mileage
  12. Turn off your air conditioner and open the windows.  If you must use the air conditioner, close the widows.
  13. Pick a more efficient route
  14. Combine trips
  15. Don’t fill up until you’re empty
  16. Make sure your gas cap is tight
  17. Don’t idle Turn off your car if you’re going to idle for more than 30 seconds.
  18. Don’t use high octane gas unless your car is pinging
  19. Don’t top off your tank

Finally the one way to deal with higher gas prices you might not have considered…Hedge against higher gas prices by owning a few shares of an oil company’s stock. Not only will your shares likely rise with rising oil and gas pricesan added bonus: You might earn a higher interest rate on your savings as well.



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