Last Minute Gift Giving-For Guys

In a dilemma as to what to purchase that special person for this holiday season?  We have some helpful hints to get you through tis last full weekend of holiday purchases:


  1. Artwork. There is a lot of inexcusable “art” out there, and it can be harder to tell his taste in this area than one may know.  Best to shop for art as a “couples decision.”
  2. Jewelry. Shocker: Not a big thing for most guys. If you don’t see them wearing it, the reason is usually because they don’t want to or that they never considered it – and probably the former.
  3. Cologne. A majority of men consider being freshly showered enough. Don’t waste your time and money on a particular fragrance unless you are certain they will wear it well;
  4. Shoes and clothes. Clothing is not an exciting gift for most guys. Stick with an outing to the mall with your guy after the holiday rush and take advantage of the after holiday sales. 
  5. Things “As seen on TV!” Generally speaking, we’d rather see it on TV and chuckle than own whatever wacky contraption those late-night commercials are hawking. If it were anything more useful or worthwhile, it would probably be seen in stores, not just on TV. And it wouldn’t need someone describing it by talking way too loud and way too fast. In stores, not just on TV


  1. Sports tickets and gear. If your guy’s a big fan of the bears, bull’s hawks or cubbies, there are practically endless merchandising options. If the price of the ticket is too hard to handle, a jersey or other memorabilia may just do the trick.
  2.  Computers and upgrades. This stuff can get pricey fast, but buying it piecemeal is cheaper and smarter since most electronics get outdated in a short time. Our recommendations; a tablet, nice speakers or headphones, a bigger monitor – all of which is cheaper than a complete new system.
  3. Toys. Yep, boys love their toys. Try remote-control helicopters –or even video games.  Other gadgets he might like? Browse around for all kinds of fun things like LED umbrellas and credit card light bulbs.
  4. Power tools. Let’s faced it…guys like to build or fix things. If you’re not sure exactly what to get, a gift card for Lowe’s or Home Depot is close enough.

Please do not hesitate to contact Brad or Ann with any questions you may have.



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