Last Minute Gift Giving-For Gals

In a dilemma as to what to purchase for that special person this holiday season? We have some helpful hints to get you through this last full weekend of holiday purchases.


  1. Anything that has to do with losing weight. If there is one tip that probably applies to all women throughout the world, this is it. Like spending time in the kitchen, some women may look forward to exercise, but they don’t want anyone noticing they need to lose weight. The implication is that you are not satisfied with her the way she is, and that goes against everything that gift-giving is about.
  2. A framed picture of yourself. Hopefully, this idea doesn’t tempt you, yet there are still guys out there who have done it. A framed picture can be a great gift that shows creativity and effort, just include others so it’s not all about you.
  3. Anything that can’t be easily exchanged. One of the great things about the retail industry in America is that most merchants offer some kind of return policy. When it comes to giving gifts, take advantage of this benefit. Despite your best efforts, you may still end up giving her a gift that doesn’t work out, so be sure that she can return it without too much effort.
  4. Clothes. Clothing is another minefield that you just don’t want to cross. Between finding the right sizes and pleasing her tastes, there are just too many ways to get this wrong.


  1. Jewelry– Unlike clothing, almost any piece of jewelry will fit nearly any woman. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on diamonds, just look for something in the style that she prefers, and try to stay away from imitation stones.
  2. Spa and massage sessions-What woman doesn’t want to be pampered? This is a gift card idea with a difference; give her a day to splurge on herself.
  3. Bath gift sets-If want to allow her to indulge herself but still give her something tangible, think about a gift basket filled with items from a fragrance and beauty company
  4. Show tickets– How about a pair of tickets to a Broadway show in the heart of Chicago?  Whether you attend with her or give the pair to her and her best buddy,  a night on the town is always a pleaser
  5. Travel gifts-Anything that a woman can use on a vacation is a great idea for the same reason that kitchen-related gifts don’t work. Giving her a travel pillow or a new piece of luggage will bring a smile to her face as she thinks of your next vacation together – especially if a vacation is a part of the gift.

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