How to Buy Booming Bitcoin, Should You?

                  Bitcoin Mania is Here! In the past few days, several people have asked me “what’s this Bitcoin that everybody seems to […]

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become wealthy

How to Spend Less Money Now!

I’ve been there, wondering how in the world am I going to save a little money on what I make. I figured it out in my late twenties, started saving […]

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5 Powerful Reasons to Invest in ETF’s

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), have become increasingly popular. ETF’s have some significant advantages over traditional mutual funds.  There is also one significant disadvantage that weighs heavily on my decision making […]

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Amazing Opportunity for Entrepreneurs (Solo 401k)!

The dream retirement plan (Solo 401k) for self-employed people! I set up my financial planning practice in Glen Ellyn back in 1996. One of my first concerns was how I […]

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How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Healthcare with Medi-Share

Medi-Share Healthcare In 2017, I saved about $10,000 on my healthcare. Let me explain how you can save on big on your healthcare too. My family of five (three teenagers, […]

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How to Avoid Three Common Insurance Mistakes

There’s no reason to make these insurance mistakes. Insurance is one of those areas where even financially bright people often make poor decisions. Mistakes: MISTAKE #1. Carrying a low deductible on […]

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How to Inspire Your Child to Grow Serious Wealth!

Wealthy habits are learned. From an early age kids figure out what money is (a medium of exchange), and are seemingly always asking their parents for more. Out of love, […]

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medical billing and insurance

My Doctor’s Office Crazy Billing Experience

Doctor Billing and Insurance! Out of pocket is more than they get from the insurance companies? Much to my chagrin, my loving wife made an appointment for me to see […]

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Roth 401K

Roth 401k is a Remarkable Retirement Savings Vehicle

The Roth 401k is a one of a kind investment wrapper. What is a Roth 401k? – An employer sponsored retirement plan that allows you to automatically contribute a portion […]

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How Budgeting Strengthens My Marriage!

I have been preaching this to anyone that would listen: Budgeting and managing your monthly marital cash flow is not only the key to financial success, but also one of […]

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retire or work

Will You Be Able To Retire? Saving Yourself!

Will You have Enough Money To Retire? Brief History Lesson: The term “retirement” came to be recognized when the Social Security Act of 1935 allowed people to collect a tax […]

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How to Avoid Disastrous RMD Penalties

How to Avoid a HUGE Penalty from Missing the Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from IRA. Failure to withdraw an RMD by the deadline results in one of the most onerous […]

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