homeowner tax

Property Taxes Are Eating Away at Home Ownership

Property Taxes are Eating up all our Money! Homeowners all over the Chicagoland area received their annual bad news in the mail soon in the form of their property tax bill. […]

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dowjones dont panic, buy

Last Chance to Buy in While Dow is Under 25,000

The window of opportunity to buy into the U.S. stock market while the Dow Jones (Dow) is under 25,000 is open again. There is no telling how long this will […]

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get rich

10 Ways to Grow Your Net Worth in 2018

Getting Rich! Now is the time to get serious about growing your net worth. Putting yourself ahead of all the vendors that are getting your hard earned money. Be self […]

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retirement and morgage

Mortgage Payment is a Retirement Killer

Will your retirement be put off because you still have mortgage payments to make?   For millions of Baby Boomers, they cannot afford to stop working until their mortgage is […]

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The Student Debt Crisis! Big Educational Loans

Will You Ever Get Out of Educational Debt? College student loans are growing daily and have now surpassed credit card debt by $600 billion. Watching the movie The Big Short  made […]

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Habits of the Wealthy! 20 Things The Rich Do Every Day.

 Habits of the Wealthy! It turns out that habits of wealthy people tend to create positive, pro-active habits that lead to their success. I have often spoke with clients about […]

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How to Grow Wealth With Your Spare Change! Acorns!

  Acorns Your Way to Wealth – With An Online Piggy Bank! I am going to use this app to fund my family’s European vacation 3 years from now. Imagine […]

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What You Need to Know & Do With Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Tax Calculator

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is Way Overdue. Just in time for Christmas! Lower income tax rates for people and businesses! A great start toward making government a little […]

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How to Buy Booming Bitcoin, Should You?

                  Bitcoin Mania is Here! In the past few days, several people have asked me “what’s this Bitcoin that everybody seems to […]

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become wealthy

How to Spend Less Money Now!

I’ve been there, wondering how in the world am I going to save a little money on what I make. I figured it out in my late twenties, started saving […]

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5 Powerful Reasons to Invest in ETF’s

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), have become increasingly popular. ETF’s have some significant advantages over traditional mutual funds.  There is also one significant disadvantage that weighs heavily on my decision making […]

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Amazing Opportunity for Entrepreneurs (Solo 401k)!

The dream retirement plan (Solo 401k) for self-employed people! I set up my financial planning practice in Glen Ellyn back in 1996. One of my first concerns was how I […]

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